Grateful for Dr. Christine Kelley

Dr. Kelley is very understanding of how cancer can affect your body, mind and soul. She is always there for any support needed. I am so grateful she is my surgeon.

What took me so long?

“What took me so long” is a question I have asked myself recently. Since I was a teenager, I had coped with very large breasts upon a small body frame. I endured not only the physical discomfort but also the difficulty purchasing clothing, participating in certain sports, and inappropriate remarks from boys. Often when I considered surgery, I was told that I should be grateful for full breasts. Not until I became a senior citizen, the age of reason for me, did I finally make the decision to explore the possibility of reduction. With much apprehension, I consulted with my physician who supported my inquiry but suggested that I select a highly professional, reputable surgeon. The recommended surgeon, Dr. Christine L. Kelley at the Meridian Plastic Surgery Center of Indianapolis, was my top choice.

An appointment was made; preliminary information collected including physical, physiological, financial data. All medical details were made clear. All questions answered. My decision became quite firm. I'm going to do this. I trust this doctor.

My surgery was quite successful. For the first time in my life, I had appropriate sized breasts. I could stand up straight. And, I could shop for “normal” sized bras. Halleluiah! There were complications though. I developed a severe breast infection. I accepted it as something that sometimes happens. Dr. Kelley though, took complete charge of this set-back and attacked the problem with full attention. After a few months of healing, a second surgery was performed to make minor corrections.

Dr. Kelley never wavered from her role as my physician, caring for not only my physical but also my psychological needs. She is remarkable in so many ways. Exemplary skills, professional dedication, continual researcher, superb listener, bundled with detailed follow through.

Dr. Kelley is one of a small group of remarkable people I've met who has made a profound difference in my life. A life changing one! Thank you Dr. Kelley. Diana | Alexandria, IN

Thank You for helping me look and feel like a women.

I just can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did. I was so nervous about having breast augmentation and you answered all my questions and calmed all of my fears. Knowing once I was a put under I had no control over the outcome, you listened and performed beautifully. I did not want anything large or really noticeable except to myself and you did exactly what I wanted and I am so pleased. Thank You for helping me look and feel like a women. I started off not even filling a AAA and now I can wear an A/B. I no longer look in the mirror and see the chest of a little girl but now the chest of a women! To anyone thinking about breast augmentation, I would 100% recommend Dr. Kelley. She is truly amazing.

She Reconstructs From an Artistic Point of View

I am honored to share the experience I had with Dr. Kelley and her staff.

I have recently been diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, with a recommended treatment of a double mastectomy. My breast surgeon recommended Dr. Kelley for reconstruction because of her very precise and meticulous care in designing new breasts. Dr. Kelley is the best, I was told by my physicians. And they were right.

It all began with Dr. Kelley patiently spending as much time as needed with my husband and me explaining all the details of breast reconstruction and the options available. Dr Kelley was very knowledgeable about the most up to date procedures and products. She spoke in a language my husband and I could understand and with a woman's point of view. After listening to her I knew she was going to give me beautiful breasts! It was her attention to detail and her not settling for less than perfect, that built my confidence in her expertise.

Dr. Kelley uses the latest technology, including, what I call a painkiller ball, which ensures minimum pain of your wounds for days after surgery. This is just one example of her care in my comfort, which so impressed me. The result is you do not need much pain medicine for the first week! It was so great I couldn't believe how little pain I experienced. Properly using these innovations is what I loved about Dr Kelley. Dr. Kelley also deeply cares about appearance. Things like my scars are soooo thin!

Dr. Kelley considers herself an artist, I thought how unusual that sounds, but that is exactly what she is. She reconstructs from an artistic point of view. Another interesting fact about Dr. Kelley is that I had been told she will not leave surgery until she feels her work is exactly as she wants it, which sometimes takes a little longer. I'm grateful today and I have beautiful breasts because of her attention to detail.

My husband and I had many questions about the entire process of reconstruction; Dr. Kelley was very patient in answering all our concerns and would always reassure me. This was so important because breast cancer and a double mastectomy are very scary things to go through. Dr. Kelley made that process less painful.

To conclude, I am a woman of faith and I believe God brought Dr. Kelley in to my life to make my walk with cancer easier. I have seen many good things come from this experience. This is my son's senior year of high school and breast cancer has made us closer than ever. For Christmas he wrote me a letter and framed it with a picture of him sitting on my lap at 6ft. 1 inch! The best part the letter said “mom cancer has brought us so much closer and knit us together even more.” Wow! What 18 year old says that. For a mom, that's a gift you never forget. I have so many more stories like this, including my husband and I have been closer than ever, not to mention I feel so great! Healthy and getting stronger each month.

I guess I would have to say, “thank you God” for the gifts in cancer and the wonderful people, like Dr. Kelley, you brought to me.

A Special Doctor at the Top of My List

My visit to Dr. Kelley was for a second opinion. I was very apprehensive and nervous as I had already had two botched breast augmentation surgeries by another plastic surgeon. Somehow, God gave me the strength to keep that appointment. Immediately after she walked into the room and we began to talk, I started to feel at ease. I found her to be compassionate, kind and also an incredible listener.

As we talked about different solutions for my problems, her style and concern made me feel so relaxed. She honestly answered all of my questions and didn't just dance around them. I knew right away that Dr. Kelley was the surgeon I needed. This woman is an amazing doctor and a brilliant surgeon. She also has the utmost respect from the nurses at St. Vincent Women's Hospital.

For the first time in two and a half years I am pain-free, both physically and emotionally. I no longer beat myselfup everyday about an elective surgery that initially I chose to have. My only regret is that I let so much time go by before I allowed myself to trust another doctor.

Thank you Dr. Kelley! You are a special doctor who is at the top of my list. Nancy

"Whole Again" - Through my Cancer Journey

Dr. Kelley played a massive role in making me feel “normal” again after my reconstruction associated with breast cancer. Her compassion, attention to detail, and kindness helped me through my cancer journey. In one word, she helped make me WHOLE again. Mary Jo

I am Confident in Recommending Dr. Kelley

After talking to several plastic surgeons about liposuction, blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery) and Sculptra filler injections, I selected Dr. Kelley as my plastic surgeon. Dr. Kelley's attention to detail and years of experience made me confident I would achieve the results I desired. The procedures went well, there wasn't any discomfort, and final result looks fantastic. Dr. Kelley took the time to listen to my concerns and as a result of her professionalism and caring manner has won me over as one very happy patient. I am confident in recommending Dr. Kelley and will seek her services again when it is time to for me to"freshen up" my appearance. Dr. David

Comfortable and Reassured

I have had the pleasure to have Dr. Kelley as my surgeon for breast reconstruction following a double mastectomy and radiation. I am thrilled with the results! Dr. Kelley has a strong attention to detail, and a wonderful bedside manner. I definitely felt she cared as much as I did about having the best and most attractive outcome possible from my surgery. She made me feel comfortable and reassured. Dr. Kelley is a perfectionist and uses that to the advantage of her patients. I trust her, and her surgical skills implicitly. Mary Alice

Breast Cancer Survivor

On September 1, 2006, I was faced with having to have a double mastectomy and all that entails. I was unable to have reconstructive surgery at the time due to my oncologists request, which made the diagnosis even harder to accept, but I did.

I am now a breast cancer survivor and very proud to say that. It is now 2009, and my youngest daughter is getting married in September and I wanted to look the best I could for her and myself.

I finally decided to get a consultation regarding the reconstruction process. I had not made a decision yet if I wanted to put myself through another surgery. Dr. Christine Kelley walked into the exam room and after speaking to her for just a few minutes, I knew she was the kind of doctor I needed to take me through this next step in my healing process. I knew from the very beginning that I was not just another patient on her schedule. She talked to me like I was someone who had been thru a lot and she truly wanted to help me look better and feel better both physically and mentally.

Every time I would go in to see Dr. Kelley, I would thank her from the bottom of my heart with tears in my eyes, and when I looked at her, she also had tears in her eyes and would give me a big hug. Dr. Christine Kelley is not just another plastic surgeon, she truly cares about her patients and their outcomes and she shows that so openly with her kindness and professionalism.

I will never be able to thank Dr. Kelley enough for what she has done for me.

I will now walk down the aisle at my daughter\'s wedding with my shoulders pulled back and my head held up high because now I am ready both mentally and physically to enter another new chapter in my life, and I am so excited about that.

Thank you so much Dr. Kelley, you truly are one in a million.